FOR-A SCV-8000 UHDTV Signal Converter Bidirectional 8K 4K Level-A/B SQD/2SI

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  • Brand: FOR.A
  • Model Number: SCV-8000
  • Product Code: BS19615
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Bidirectional 8K HD-SDI (x16) - 3G-SDI (x8) and 4K Level-A/B, SQD/2SI signal conversion. Supports embedded audio, time code, and other ancillary data.

Technical Details
  • Audio remapping

In 1.5G to 3G conversion G1-a/b output: Channels 9–16 mapped behind 1–8 in stream A, and channels 1–8 behind 9–16 in stream B G1-c/d output: Channels 25–32 mapped behind 17–24 in stream A, and channels 17–24 behind 25–32 in stream B

  • Redundant power supply

Built-in redundant power supply ensures uninterrupted operation in the event of a power supply failure.

  • 8K: 1.5G/3G conversion

Automatic conversion mode switching, based on input signal payload. Manual switching is also selectable.

  • Menu settings

Convenient displays of operational mode (DG 8K/4K), conversion mode and frame frequency settings on the front LCD panel.

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