Fluke Networks NFC-IBC-1.5MM SC/FC/ST 1.5mm IBC Cleaner

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  • Brand: Fluke Networks
  • Model Number: NFC-IBC-1.5MM
  • Product Code: BS20088
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Fluke Networks NFC-IBC-1.5MM SC/FC/ST 1.5mm IBC Cleaner

The Fluke Networks IBC™ OneClick Cleaners are a family of mechanical cleaning tools designed to clean fiber optic connector end faces on patch cables, within adapters or patch panels.

These IBC™ OneClick Cleaners are molded with an antistatic material and use a novel dry cleaning strand that gently sweeps and removes harmful contaminants from the connector without damaging the connector end face.

Technical Details


  • Simple dial turn engagement that is easy to operate
  • Audible CLICK to alert the operator when cleaning is completed
  • Clean over 600 end faces per unit
  • Cleans male and female MT ferrule
  • Nozzle is keyed for precise alignment of the cleaning tip to the fiber array
  • Alignment cap lid opens for cleaning the unmated connectors

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