Extron MTP RL 15HD RS Twisted Pair Transmitter and Receiver for VGA and RS-232

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  • Brand: Extron
  • Model Number: MTP RL 15HD RS
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Extron's MTP 1500RL 15HD RS and MTP 1500RL 15HD RS SEQ are extended distance mini twisted pair receivers that work with MTP Series transmitters to send high resolution video 1,500 feet (450 meters) or more and RS-232 signals up to 1,000 feet (300 meters) over a single CATx cable. The SEQ model features independent skew compensation adjustments for each color. The extended distance receivers are compatible with resolutions up to 1920x1200 WUXGA, and feature separate continuously variable level and peaking adjustments that precisely optimize image quality for various cable lengths. Each receiver also offers an additional female MTP buffered output, enabling up to eight receivers to be connected in series, reducing the number of parallel cable runs required.

Technical Details




   Number/signal type 

      MTP 4T 15HD RS 

4 sets of proprietary analog signals

      All other models 

1 set of proprietary analog signals


      MTP 4T 15HD RS 

4 female RJ-45

      MTP R 15HD RSA D 

1 female RJ-45 on a pigtail

      All other models 

1 female RJ-45


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