Extron DA 6V EQ Six Output Composite Video Distribution Amplifier with Gain and EQ Controls for Teleprompters

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  • Model Number: DA 6V EQ
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The Extron DA 12V/6V Dual EQ functions as a single one input, 12 output composite video distribution amplifier or as two separate one input, six output composite video distribution amplifiers in one box. With 150 MHz (-3dB) video bandwidth, fully loaded, it features gain adjustments for compensation of signal level loss that occurs over long cable runs, while EQ adjustments compensate for high frequency loss.


Technical Details

Gain (all models except DA 6A and 3AV RCA)

      Video and Y 

-1 dB to +3 dB (x 0.9 to x 1.4), adjustable per every 2 outputs

      C (chroma) 

Adjustable for DA 6SV EQ, DA 6SVA EQ A, DA 6SVA RCA EQ: 0 dB to +10 dB (x1 to x3)


All models except DA 3AV RCA: 0 dB to +8 dB (x1 to x2) at 5 MHz, adjustable per every 2 outputs


150 MHz (-3 dB)

   Output cable driving distance 

Up to 1000 feet with Mini HR cable, up to 1500 feet with RG6 or RG59 cables


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