EVS LSM Remote for EVS XT2 and XT3

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EVS LSM Remote for EVS XT2 and XT3 is to familiarize the operator with the MULTICAM software for EVS High Definition and Standard Definition LSM-XT, and its REMOTE panel, so as to learn as quickly and efficiently as possible the basic operations.

 The CLIP & PLAYLIST MANAGEMENT functions allow the operator to keep up to 4000 clips on disks and of course to replay all or some of them. A PLAYLIST consists of a list of clips (90 PLAYLISTS can be defined) with video and audio transitions.

 The SPORTNET option networks LSM-XT systems into a fully integrated production environment. Any clip, recorded by any LSM-XT on the network is available instantly for editing and/or play-out to any other operator.

The SPLITSCREEN (horizontal or vertical) option displays simultaneously two synchronized actions side by side on the main program output. The PAINT option (Telestrator) draws and applies keying on the recorded pictures. Sport actions can be analyzed using different colored circles, arrows and lines.

 The TARGET TRACK1 option follows a target with a highlighted circle, box or ellipse, and can zoom in the selected portion of the recorded pictures.

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