EVS BEPlay remote controller

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The BEPlay remote is a remote controller for browsing, editing and playing content. It can be configured to control selected channels and to send media to predefined destinations.

The first sections of the current chapter are dedicated to the configuration and the description of the various buttons.

The next sections provide procedures on the main functionalities which can be performed with the remote.

EVS BEPlay remote controller

Technical Details

Function buttons are used to control a recorder or a player channel, or the Software Player.

4 buttons can be used with specific actions or together with other buttons.

14 buttons can all be used to perform two different actions, depending on whether the SHIFT button is pressed prior to the button. The actions vary according to the selected layout.

Three buttons are available to select the mode according to which the wheel will be used.

The wheel is used to navigate through the loaded media. It can be used according to 5 different modes.

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