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Brand: EVS Model: 0834
The EVS disk array features 22x 2.5" SAS drives, each boasting a substantial 900GB storage capacity. Designed for demanding media applications, this array offers extensive storage space and swift data access. It efficiently handles large media files and supports seamless content management. Idea..
Brand: EVS Model: IP Director
EVS IP Director Content Production Management licenses offer a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing content production workflows in broadcasting and media environments. These licenses provide access to the IP Director platform, which serves as a central hub for media asset manageme..
Brand: EVS Model: EVS RCU-BP
The BEPlay remote is a remote controller for browsing, editing and playing content. It can be configured to control selected channels and to send media to predefined destinations.The first sections of the current chapter are dedicated to the configuration and the description of the various bu..
Brand: EVS Model: XT Access
The EVS XT Access interface and Media Xchange Unit with i7 HP licenses comprise a powerful and integrated solution for media production and management in broadcasting and live event environments. The XT Access interface serves as a control and monitoring interface, providing seamless access to E..
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