Evertz X1202S SDI router 12x2

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The X1200 series twelve input routing switchers provide a convenient, low-cost way to route Standard definition serial digital signals. The X1200S routers are used for 270 standard definition serial digital signals, while the X1202S routers are used for serial digital signals.

Evertz X1202S SDI router 12x2

Technical Details

•Standard definition units support SMPTE 259M (270Mb/s,360Mb/s,540Mb/s) video signals

•High definition units support SMPTE 292M (1.5 Gb/s) video signals

•High definition units can be operated in a non-reclock mode to pass SMPTE 259M video signals

•Units can be genlocked to an external source so that a ficlean switchfl can be achieved.

•Autotiming of V1 buss inputs to perform a clean video switch when SoftSwitch or Embedded SoftSwitch option is installed

•Optional SoftSwitch technology eliminates hot-switch audio pops on AES outputs following V1 buss

•Optional Embedded SoftSwitch technology eliminates hot-switch audio pops on embedded audio on V1 buss

•Switch point is fully controllable from the front panel.

•Video input presence detection displayable on the front panel.

•Front panel or remote control panel versions available. Second control panel can be ordered for either version

•Parallel GPI and RS-232 serial control.

•Programmable source input names available on the front panel.

•Optional video and audio input relay bypass for power failure bypass protection.

•Optional dual power supplies.

•Field upgradeable firmware as new features become available


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