Evertz Quartz CP-3200E Distribution Router Matrix Panel w/Pwr Cord Power Tested

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  • Brand: Evertz
  • Model Number: CP-3200E
  • Product Code: BS19702
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Evertz Quartz CP-3200E Distribution Router Matrix Panel The CP-3200E is a keypad panel arranged to operate as an XY panel allowing control of any input or output, with up to four levels of breakaway. The CP-3200E is normally used as a master XY panel in engineering or MCR type applications where access to any input or output is required. Advanced programming control enables the Quartz CP-3200E also to be configured to control fi ve destinations without breakaway or a single destination with four levels of breakaway

Technical Details
Features & Benefits
  • XY mode with four levels of breakaway
  • Five destination mode with a TAKE button for each destination but without breakaways
  • Single destination mode with fi ve levels of breakaway
  • 24 + 6 button keypad for source and destination names
  • High brightness vacuum fl uorescent alphanumeric display with better viewing angles than LCD types
  • Source names can be up to seven characters long
  • Destination names can be up to eight characters long
  • In use displays for all levels plus preset
  • All buttons fully programmable for different functions such as LOCK
  • TAKE button optionally causes the source in use and preset displays to toggle
  • Optional NEXT and Previous buttons can be assigned to scroll through the available sources and destinations
  • Camera joystick override on any eight inputs, with momentary or latching action
  • Supports Qlink for legacy router control. Directly connects to most EvertzĀ® routers for simple router control. Contact factory to ensure support
  • Supports Ethernet for connection to MAGNUM Router Control system (Please contact the Factory to obtain a list of Routers which can support Ethernet panels directly)

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