Evertz Quartz CP-2402 Remote Control Panel

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Evertz Quartz CP-2402 Remote Control Panel

The CP-2402 is a XY Control Panel with 29 illuminated push-buttons and two display windows used for source and destination displays. The CP-2402E is available as control panel and can be used on any Evertz® family of small routers, such as Topaz, EQT and Xenon.

The Quartz CP-2402 is programmable and therefore the operation of the panel is entirely dependent upon its configuration. It can be configured in a number of different ways including XY and multi-destination. Each button can be individually configured for any combination of source, destination, or control functions

The physical button layout of the CP-2402 guides its configuration but does not restrict it. For example, the left hand block of 24 buttons can be programmed as sources. A number of these buttons can also be used for other functions such as level selection, lock etc... The two display windows can be used to show the current selected destination and the selected source. The two buttons located next to the display windows can be used to scroll up or down through the source or destination list. The take button confirms the selection. 

Technical Details
Features & Benefits
  • 1RU panel with internal power supply
  • 15mm LED illuminated square buttons suitable for fi lm legends
  • Buttons with high quality positive action
  • Fully programmable to operate in a number of modes
  • Buttons can be programmed for source destination on other control panels
  • Lock button protects against accidental or unauthorized selections
  • Camera joystick override on any eight inputs with momentary or latching action
  • Supports Q link for legacy router control. Directly connects to most Evertz® routers for simple router control. Contact factory to ensure support
  • Supports Ethernet for connection to MAGNUM Router Control system (Please contact the Factory to obtain a list of Routers which can support Ethernet panels directly)

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