Evertz PKG-MVIP-IP MVIiP MULTIVIEWER Multi-Image Display & Monitoring Solution

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MViP is an IP based Multi-Image display and Monitoring solution targeted at applications where simple and efficient monitoring of audio and video from an IP transport stream is required. MViP includes the ability to monitor at the transport stream level using Evertz award wining TSM (transport stream analyzer technology). It also leverages industry leading AVM (audio / video monitoring) technology from the MVPTM to determine faults with the audio and video at the base band level.MVIiP MULTIVIEWER Multi-Image Display & Monitoring Solution

MViP is developed to be used as a tool for digital headends, IPTV networks, and sites using IP for distribution with a requirement to monitor and display audio and video along with fault information and transport details on a simple to configure DVI based monitor. MViP supports all major video compression standards, and therefore can be used in almost any application where video and audio are being transported over IP. MViP is SNMP enabled, which allows VistaLINK® Pro to configure and store all monitoring values and alarms.

Evertz PKG-MVIP-IP MVIiP MULTIVIEWER Multi-Image Display & Monitoring Solution

Technical Details

• Multi-Image display of multiple IP based video programs with associated audio level bars and UMDs

• Supports IP based monitoring and display from up to 1Gbps Ethernet network

• Supports both Unicast and Multicast network topologies

• Supports all major video compression standards: MPEG 2, H.264 / MPEG 4 AVC, MPEG 4 Part 2, VC-1

• Supports all major audio compression standards: MPEG1-L2, AC3, AAC

• Video monitoring: loss, black, freeze, and macroblock detection

• Audio monitoring: loss, audio over, audio under

• Metadata monitoring (optional) CC monitoring 608/708 WST OP42/OP47, XDS, Active

• Transport stream monitoring: TR101290 Level 1, level 2*, and partial level 3

• Dual Head DVI output: two unique outputs over DVI resolution support up to 1920x1200

• Simple on-screen layout tools, including window creation and layout

• Includes additional informative objects: analog clocks, digital clocks, bit rate monitors, and more

• SNMP enabled: complete integration with SNMP monitoring solutions like VistaLINK® PRO

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