Evertz MULTIVIEWER 3000MVP 3000FR 64 inputs HD/SD Dual PSU

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Evertz MULTIVIEWER 3000MVP 3000FR 64 inputs HD/SD  Dual PSU model 3000FR+2PS

system includes 

8x    3001MVP-OV-HS 8 input auto sensing HD/SD video input module


1x    3000MVP-PPMX16-4H4V

2x    xlink cables

2x    3000PS-HF power supplies

1x    MAESTRO software

The MVPrevolutionizes the multi-display marketplace with a highly fl exible, intuitive and simple yet comprehensive approach to virtual wall monitor applications. The possibility of displaying any input signal to any output monitor can now be realized without the need for DAs or upstream monitor routers.

The MVPTM multi-image display processor is housed in a 6RU, rack-mountable frame (3000FR). Each frame can accommodate up to two (2) hot-swappable power supply units (3000PS) and up to fifteen (15) single slot, hot-swappable I/O modules. Each module has a corresponding, passive rear plate, which is mounted via three (3) screws to the frame. It is important that all three screws are used to fasten the rear plates to ensure proper connectivity with the I/O modules.

The MVPTM frame is also equipped with a frame controller unit used for facilitating network communications between the frame modules and the MVP MaestroTM configuration software. The frame controller module (3000FC) is located under the left power supply unit, when looking directly at the front of the 3000FR frame. The network receptacle (RJ-45) is accessed on the back of the frame

Each of the two power supplies is equipped with a separate power line cord, and provides PSU status information via LEDs on the front panel.

The 3000PS power supplies are hot swappable and can be easily replaced from the front without interrupting the signal integrity of the frame. Each power supply is capable of supplying full power to the frame by itself, however we recommend running with both supplies powered for power redundancy. On frames with only one power supply, a 3000PS-FM blank power supply module with cooling fan must be inserted into the second power supply space. The 3000PS-FM contains a module-cooling fan and baffles to maintain proper airflow within the frame.



Technical Details

Features & Benefits

  • Highest quality video images - single pass processing.
  • Hardware based - no PC on board, no hard-drive.
  • RTOS - Real-Time Operating System.
  • Not a frame limited architecture - PLink™ interconnects and Ethernet control; does not exhibit PCI bandwidth limitations.
  • Expandable - frame not limited to a maximum number of inputs per system - cumulative bandwidth.
  • True hot-swappable, front-access input, output modules and PSU.
  • Fast power cycle recovery (15 seconds).
  • Redundancy options for mission critical operations.
  • Fiber output option - single fi ber (single or Multi-Mode) up to 10km support
  • HD/SD serial output option.
  • "Out of the box" implementation - set-up is quick and easy.
  • 9:16 output aspect ratio support (WARP™).
  • Flexible - usually 2-3 solutions from the same system with options for future growth.
  • User-friendly GUI - drag & drop control, fast preset recall and off-line development; real time display layout control.

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