Evertz CP-1604E Control Panel 1RU 20 Buttons

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  • Brand: Evertz
  • Model Number: CP-1604E
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Evertz CP-1604E Control Panel 1RU 20 Buttons

The CP-1604E is a versatile programmable panel with 20 illuminated push buttons. A wide range of panel operations including multi-destination may be configured.  

Buttons can be individually configured for any combination of source, destination, or control function. For instance, this panel can be configured as a 16 button-per-source panel leaving four buttons for lock, destinations, etc.
Technical Details

Features & Benefits 

 15mm square buttons suitable for fi lm legends with green LED illumination, uniform over whole legend surface

• Buttons with high quality positive action

• All buttons are fully programmable to operate in a number of modes

• LOCK button can be assigned to protect against unauthorized or accidental selection

• Camera joystick override on any eight inputs, with momentary or latching action

• Supports Qlink for legacy router control. Directly connects to most Evertz® routers for simple router control. Contact factory to ensure support.

• Supports Ethernet for connection to MAGNUM Router Control system (Please contact the Factory to obtain a list of Routers which can support Ethernet panels directly)

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