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Evertz 9590 Graticule Generator

Evertz - 9590
Evertz - 9590
Evertz - 9590
Evertz - 9590
Evertz - 9590
Evertz - 9590
Evertz - 9590
Evertz - 9590
Evertz - 9590
Evertz - 9590
Evertz 9590 Graticule Generator
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  • Code: BS17992
  • Model: 9590

Evertz 9590 Graticule Generator is an easy to use, one rack unit, dual standard digital video graticule generator that keys various alignment markers over a standard-definition video picture. These alignment markers facilitate film transfer, post-production and quality control measurements relating to the picture location for various film aspect ratios, safe action and safe title areas as well as the picture center.

All of the functions of the Evertz 9590 Graticule Generator are available from the control panel or one of two remote control panels. Choose from the many factories programmed presets or define your own. The 9590 allows for multiple user-defined presets that can be recalled and re-defined at any time.


Technical Details

• Keys graticule markers directly into SMPTE 259M-C serial digital video

• Auto-detects between 525i/59.94 and 625i/50 video formats

• Two rectangular boxes that can be independently resized, reshaped and moved anywhere on the raster

• A grid consisting of horizontal and vertical line pairs that can be positioned independently or in pairs anywhere on the raster

• Programmable horizontal and vertical hard matte

• Adjustable mask starting line in a vertical blanking interval to pass VITC or VITS

• Two user-programmable cross markers positionable anywhere on the raster

• Circle creation for aspect ratio

• Automatic creation of aspect ratios for matte, box and circle objects

• On-screen aspect ratio display

• Automatic centering control for all objects

• Switchable 16:9 or 4:3 pixel aspect ratios to allow easy alignment where anamorphic compression has taken place

• Single-button keyer On/Off control

• Adjustable object brightness (white level)

• Front panel lock-out control

• Easy to operate control panel menu system gives access to advanced object control features for the most demanding application, while limiting normal day to day use to just a few preset buttons

• Factory presets allow quick setup to a common object placements on the raster

• Ten user-definable presets with individual write protection

• Optional rack-mount or desktop remote control unit