Evertz 7814UDX-HD-2 Dual Path 3G HD Up/Down/Cross Converters with Frame Sync

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Evertz 7814UDX-HD-2 Dual Path 3G HD Up/Down/Cross Converters with Frame Sync

The 7814UDX series are dual path broadcast quality up/down/cross converters that convert between common SD/SMPTE ST 259M and HD/SMPTE ST 292M video signals. “–3G” versions add support for common 3G/SMPTE ST 424M video signals. These modules support frame synchronization and external genlock inputs (card and frame reference) for video timing adjustments.

The 7814UDX series incorporates advanced motion adaptive spatial–temporal (3D) noise reduction and next generation de–interlacing techniques ensure superior resolution and artifact reduction, generating the highest quality video suitable for broadcast and other professional media applications.

The 7814UDX series supports broadcast quality scaling and offers both standard and user–defined ARC modes. AFD (SMPTE 2016) based steering of ARC modes and stamping AFD codes is fully supported. Transitions between AFD modes are frame accurate/glitch free.

Full broadcast quality color correction and detail enhancement processors are also integrated in the 7814UDX series. RGB–based color legalization is also supported. ITU Rec. 709 ↔ 601 color space conversions are performed as needed. Evertz Frame Sync 7814UDX-HD-2  

Technical Details

Features & Benefits

  • Dual path processing in a single modular form factor
  • Broadcast quality up/down/cross conversions between common SD/HD video signals
  • Support for common 3G video signals (–3G versions)
  • Integrated frame synchronizers
  • Support for card reference connection and two sources of 7800FR frame reference (software–selectable from the three sources)
  • Advanced 3D noise reduction and next generation de– interlacing technologies ensure the highest quality video without compromise for broadcast and professional media applications
  • Supports standard and user– defined aspect ratio conversions
  • Fully AFD–enabled with frame–accurate transitions between AFD modes
  • Broadcast quality color corrector and detail enhancement engines
  • ITU Rec 709 ↔ 601 color space conversions
  • Full processing of CEA 608/708 Closed Captions and time code with all required data translations and time code re–calculations
  • 16x channel embedded audio support
  • Audio delay automatically tracks video delay
  • Full audio proc and channel–swapping

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