Evertz 7767BHP-AUX Audio Bulkhead Panel with cables

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  • Brand: Evertz
  • Model Number: 7767BHP-AUX
  • Product Code: BS18968
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Evertz 7767BHP-AUX Audio Bulkhead Panel with cables

7767BHP-AUX Audio Bulkhead Panel (BHP) provides a convenient way of connecting audio and auxiliary input and output signals to the VIP™ module. BHPs may be outfitted with BNCs and/or terminal strips, extending AES, GPI/O, Tx/Rx, Analog Audio, and GND connections as described below.

BHPs occupy 1/2RU, 1RU, or 2RU of rack space and are designed for mounting at the rear of the rack panel. BHPs are included with specific line item order options as defined below.


Technical Details

The 7767BHP-AUX is outfitted with eight terminal blocks and provides connectivity for GPI (20), GPO (8), LTC, serial RS-232/RS-422, and one group AES outputs.

The 7767BHP-AUX is included with every VIP4, VIP8, and VIP12 module.


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