Evertz 7750SRG-HD HD Tri-Level bi-level Sync Generator

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  • Brand: Evertz
  • Model Number: 7750SRG-HD
  • Product Code: BS17976
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The 7750SRG-HD generates various analog bi-level and tri-level sync signals for both HD and SD applications.  The 7750SRG-HD provides an analog genlock input that allows you to synchronize the sync signals to your plant horizontal and vertical timing. The 7750SRG-HD generates all analog sync signals defined by SMPTE 274M (1080i/p) and 296M (720p) as well as those required for NTSC, PAL and slow PAL (625i/48) applications.  The four independent sync outputs can be configured to output different sync signals.  The common combinations of HDTV and SD analog sync outputs can be selected via card edge control.

Evertz 7750SRG-HD HD Tri-Level bi-level Sync Generator
Technical Details

•  NTSC or PAL color black genlock or free-runs with no genlock reference

•  Phase adjustment of outputs with respect to genlock input

•  Selectable frame rate divisor of 1 or 1/1.001

•  Wide variety of 1080I, 1035I, 1080p, 720p, NTSC, PAL and slow PAL sync output sync signals

•  HSDL tri-level sync for 2K data transfers

•  4 separate analog sync signal outputs

•  8 position DIP switch selects combinations of sync signals available

•  Card edge LEDs indicate genlock presence, module fault

•  6Hz or 1Hz TTL pulse shows the relationship between HD & SD Sync outputs

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