Evertz 7705CWDM-D8 8 Channel CWDM Demux (1470nm-1610nm)

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  • Brand: Evertz
  • Model Number: 7705CWDM-D8
  • Product Code: BS17983
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  • Multi-channel transport of video, audio, data, control in fiber limited applications • Cost reduction exercises through fewer leased fibers
  • Studio and Facility extension/expansion
  • STL and TSL links
  • Signal aggregation for outdoor and event coverage
  • Signal aggregation for security and monitoring

Evertz 7705CWDM-D8 8 Channel CWDM Demux (1470nm-1610nm)

Technical Details

• Bi-directional mux/demux of up to 16 wavelengths in the 1270nm to 1610nm spectrum (ITU-T G.694.2 compliant) • Expandable from 4 or 8 to 12 or 16 channel systems

• Passive design for any bit rate

• Low insertion loss to conserve system power

• High optical isolation for low crosstalk

• Fully hot-swappable from front of the frame with no fiber disconnect/reconnect required

• SC/PC, ST/PC*, FC/PC* connector options

• Fiber protector to prevent connector damage

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