Evertz 7701FR Multiframe Signal management and processing

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  • Brand: Evertz
  • Model Number: 7701FR
  • Product Code: BS18272
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The EVERTZ 7701FR  Multiframes are ideal solutions to today’s vast digital video and audio processing and distribution requirements. They provide flexibility to handle the high-speed requirements of HDTV as well as Analog and SDTV. The Multiframes support extraction of the modules from the front without compromising performance even at 3Gb/s. Hot extraction is supported on various types of interfaces including VIDEO, AUDIO and FIBER.

The 7800FR Multiframe is a 3RU frame designed to house up to 15 single slot modules. The 7701FR Multiframe is a 1RU frame designed to house up to 3 single or dual slot modules both in various combinations and configurations. The S7701FR Multiframe is a standalone enclosure designed to house 1 single slot module or dual slot module. The S7702FR Multiframe is a standalone enclosure design to house 1 module (upt to 3 slots).

Evertz 7701FR Multiframe Signal management and processing is in stock with BS broadcast the house of  quality used broadcast equipment

Technical Details

• Power supply and cooling fan are front extractable

• Houses up to 15 front loading processing modules with I/O for the 7800FR and 3 for the 7701FR

• Each slot has individually configurable inputs and outputs

• Monitoring window for verifying modules status and power supply status

• 7800FR can house a 7700FC VistaLINK® Frame Controller in slot 1 which will allow for remote control and monitoring of VistaLINK® -capable products via SNMP over TCP/IP

• Frame status contact closure/open on power supply failure, fan failures and user-selectable module alarms

• A relay based contact closure is provided with common, ground, normally open and normally closed contacts


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