Evertz 7701FR Multiframe Signal management and processing

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Evertz 7701FR Multiframe Signal management and processing

The Evertz 7701FR Multiframe is the ideal solution to today’s vast digital video and audio processing and distribution requirements. It provides flexibility to handle the high-speed requirements of HDTV as well as analog and SDTV all in a compact 1RU enclosure. The Multiframe supports extraction of the modules from the front without compromising performance even at 1.5Gb/s. Hot extraction is supported on various types of interfaces including VIDEO, AUDIO, and FIBER.

The Multiframe is a 1RU frame designed to house up to 3 modules in various combinations and configurations. With an integrated thermal design and over 3000 experimental measurements to back it up, the Multiframe ensures sufficient thermal relief under all load configurations. For applications requiring more modules, order the 7700FR 3RU Multiframe which houses up to 15 modules. Single module enclosures are also available.

Technical Details
  • The power supply and cooling fan are front extractable
  • Houses up to 3 front-loading processing modules with I/O
  • Each slot has individually configurable inputs and outputs
  • Monitoring window for verifying modules and power supply status
  • Frame status contact closure/open on power supply failure, fan failures, and user-selectable module alarms

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