Evertz 7701 Multiframe with 7743DLY-HD HD/SD-SDI Video Delay

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Evertz 7701 Multiframe with 7743DLY-HD HD/SD-SDI Video Delay

    Evertz 7701 Multiframe

1x    7743DLY-HD HD/SD-SDI Video Delay

The Evertz 7743DLY-HD is a full function HD/SD-SDI Video Delay module designed for applications such as satellite uplink, signal re-entry on master control inputs, at cable headends, mobile vehicle outputs, broadcast transmitter inputs, virtual sets and matching delays caused by multi-channel audio compression.

The 7743DLY-HD can act as a delay for SD video (SMPTE ST 259) or for HD video (ST 292-1).

The 7743DLY-HD is capable of up to 3.2 seconds of delay for HD and up to 16.5 seconds of delay for SD. With the broadcast environment in mind, the modules feature bypass relay protection on output. The 7743DLY-HD occupies two card slots and can be housed in a 1RU frame which will hold up to four modules, a 3RU frame which will hold up to 15 modules, a 350FR portable frame, which will hold up to seven modules, or a standalone enclosure that will hold one module.

Evertz 7701 Multiframes are ideal solutions to today’s vast digital video and audio processing and distribution requirements. They provide flexibility to handle the high-speed requirements of HDTV as well as Analog and SDTV. The Multiframes support extraction of the modules from the front without compromising performance even at 3Gb/s. Hot extraction is supported on various types of interfaces including VIDEO, AUDIO and FIBER. 

Technical Details

• Full signal delay capability including VBI and ANC DATA for ST 292-1

(1.5Gb/s) signals

• 7743DLY-HD also supports full signal delay capability including VBI for SMPTE ST 259 (270Mb/s) signals

• Delay programmable in video units (frames, lines, and samples) or as time units (seconds)

• Auto senses video standard

• Bypass relay for program path protection on power loss

• Up to 3.2 seconds delay for HD

• Up to 16.5 seconds delay for SD

• Card edge controls operate on-screen menu system to program delay settings

• Input circuit features a line buffer which is suitable for “de-glitching” hot switches on upstream equipment (very useful for HD equipment)

• VistaLINK® capable for remote monitoring, control and configuration capabilities via SNMP; using VistaLINK® PRO, CP-2116E or CP-2232E Control Panels. VistaLINK® is available when modules are used with the 3RU 7800FR frame and a 7700FC VistaLINK® Frame Controller module in slot 1 of the frame


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