EVERTZ 5010 Time Code Generator Reader

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  • Brand: Evertz
  • Model Number: 5010
  • Product Code: BS20292
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EVERTZ 5010 Time Code Generator Reader
Technical Details
  • Vertical Interval Time code Generator and Reader
  •  Separate genlock and PGM video inputs
  •  Set VITC Generator Line numbers from the front panel
  •  Translates LTC to VITC or VITC to LT
  •  Reads VITC over the full shuttle range of most VTRs
  •  Selectable reader line rang • Optional Bypass Relay on VITC Generator
  • Genlocks to 23.98 ‘slow PAL’ or NTSC
  • 23.98 Fps ↔ 29.97 Fps time code translator mode
  • Momentary or continuous Jam-sync modes
  • Locks to 6Hz reference in 24Fps mode

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