EVERTZ 1275A-220 9'' Digital Clock 220v/50Hz

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EVERTZ 1275A-220 9'' Digital Clock 220v/50Hz

The EVERTZ 1275A is a multifunction time-of-day display that can act as a slave to a master clock system or as a self-contained, presettable clock. Sixty bright rectangular LEDs are mounted in a circular arrangement simulating an analog second hand. Twelve individual round LEDs indicate the hour. In addition, the hours, minutes, and seconds are displayed in digital format.

As a slave display, the unit will read SMPTE/EBU/DQS-B6/NTP time code. The user can program time zone offsets from the incoming code. As a standalone clock, it can be programmed to operate in either 12 or 24-hour mode. Three unobtrusive front panel pushbuttons allow presetting and accurate synchronization to a standard time source. Beautifully finished with black wood trim, the 1275 is ideally suited for the studio, lobby, board room, or office mounting.

Technical Details

Features & Benefits

  • LED brightness is adjustable
  • Runs on 50/60Hz, 115/230V AC power line
  • User-programmable time offsets
  • VistaLINKĀ® control for device confi guration and status monitoring with support of the CP-2232E or CP-2116E-H Advanced Systems Control Panel
  • Programmable daylight saving time start & end times
  • NTP client

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