Eventide Eclipse Harmonizer Effects Processor model 1119-000

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You’ve bought a serious piece of machinery, friend. A beneficiary of Eventide’s venerated Orville and H3000 line of effects processors and a quarter century of Eventide’s digital audio excellence, the Eclipse boasts…

• The world’s richest sounding and widest array of effects

• A global tempo feature that synchronizes LFOs, delay times, and other time-sensitive parameters to the music being processed

• Two configurable effects blocks for serial, parallel, or dual-mono processing

• An arsenal of LFOs, envelope followers, and ADSRs that can be patched to any parameter

• Analog and AES/EBU, S/P DIF, optical, and ADAT digital inputs and outputs for total flexibility

• 24bit resolution for superb fidelity at up to 96kHz sampling

• MIDI control of parameters for inspired creativity Read on to learn how to put all this muscle to use...

Eventide Eclipse Harmonizer Effects Processor  

Technical Details


25 watts 100-125V, 220-240V, AC 50/60Hz



1.75h x 19w x 12.5d Cm:

4.45h x 48.3w x



12 pounds (5.5 Kg) net, 17 pounds (8Kg) shipping weight

All specifications are subject to change or improvement at any time without notice or obligation.


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