ETM 400W C/KU band TWT Amplifier for parts

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Built To Last

ETM's dual C‐band and Ku‐band satellite uplink amplifiers, packaged in ruggedized three rack‐ unit enclosures, have been designed specifically for the demands of fly‐away, truck and other mobile applications. These amplifiers combine the latest technology, over three decades of ETM’s TWT experience, and design features based on in‐the‐field operation.

Simple, Low‐Cost Maintenance

ETM’s modular power supply design simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime. Easy‐to‐access modules considerably improve MTTR and amplifier availability. Each high voltage module is completely encapsulated, safe, and isolated from other electronics.

Technical Details

Ease of Operation

Detailed status and monitoring information is provided by a 20‐ character by 4‐line fluorescent display and straightforward four‐ button control. Complete monitoring includes forward and reverse power, TWT voltages and currents, and operating temperatures.

In‐The‐Field Reliability

During ETM’s rigorous testing program, every amplifier is subjected to an environmental burn‐in that includes temperature cycling, multiple cold starts, and shock and vibration testing as required.

Long Term Value

ETM stands behind our amplifiers with a full two‐year warranty. After the warranty period, ETM’s easy‐to‐service and low cost modular power supply design reduces service time and helps keep your maintenance costs low.

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