ETC SmartFade ML 24 moving light/48 intensity channel console

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  • Brand: ETC
  • Model Number: SFML
  • Product Code: BS18812-1
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Get smart – get moving! Moving light control comes to the Smart Solutions product suite. SmartFade ML offers professional moving light control in a compact, lightweight package. Direct access controls including color-coded backlit elastomer keys and encoder or fader control of moving light parameters, memory driven operation and built-in effects make SmartFade ML perfect for small gigs, meetings, parties, and other events where conventional and moving lights are used.

noW WitH sMArtsoft!

SmartSoft is an optional software application that runs on your PC and can be used to simulate the Smartfade ml console, edit offline, and connect to the console via USB to provide live displays and on-screen editing functions of your show data. SmartSoft runs on a Windows XP or Vista PC and requires 1280x1024 video display resolution. Download SmartSoft for free at!
Technical Details
  • Memory style operation
  • Up to 24 Devices (Moving Lights or Dimmer/Scrollers)
  • Up to 48 Intensity Channels (multiple dimmers per channel)
  • Encoders or fader controls for moving light parameters
  • 24 Groups
  • 24 x 3 Palettes (Focus, Color Beam)
  • 288 Memories (24 x 12 pages)
  • 11 Shape Effects
  • 11 Linear Effects
  • Parameter “Fan”
  • Hue/Saturation control of color mixing
  • Backlit color-coded elastomer keys indicate current color mix
  • Fully programmable 199-step stack
  • 24-step Sequences (12 x 12 pages)
  • Tap tempo mode for sequence timing
  • 10 Snapshot memories for temporary storage
  • Undo function
  • Master fader and Blackout button
  • Bumps master fader
  • Solo or pile-on mode for bump buttons
  • 2 x LCD displays for configuration and programming

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