Tandberg RX1290 Multi-format SD/HD Integrated Receiver Decoder

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Multi-format SD/HD Integrated Receiver Decoder The Tandberg RX1290 is a multi-standard receiver that is capable of broadcasting high-quality content. The receiver supports both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoding along with SD and HD video format. This makes it an ideal choice for most tech companies as it effectively contributes, distributes content along with many mobile applications. In addition to this, the RX1290 has won the Cable and Satellite international Award for Distribution Solution at the IBC.

Reduce Bandwidth:

The bandwidth reduction system encodes the data and utilizes it in H:264 compression. Future Proof The RX1290 supports all modern-day video formated in SD and HD resolution making it a cost-effective solution for your future needs.

Low Cost of Operation:

The device can integrate directly into the Director V5 control system. This makes it accessible to a large population and enables the receiver to be remotely controlled over the central location. This reduces the cost of on-site local operators.

Connectivity support:

The Tandberg RX1290 provides a high level of connectivity options. With the ASI input standard and advanced system architecture, the RX 1290 can integrate RF and IP delivery systems.

Output Connection:

The receiver provides a wide range of output connections allowing high-quality audio and video feedback across the network.

Satellite transmission:

The Tranberg RX 1290 includes a DVB-S2 demodulator which reduces the overall bandwidth of transmission and provides an additional 30% reduction.

Technical Details


RX1290 – Multi-format Receiver (RX1290/BAS)

The following features are available as standard:

• MPEG-2, SD 4:2:0 decoding

• MPEG-2, SD, 4:2:2 decoding

• MPEG-2, HD, 4:2:0 decoding

• 3 x HD SDI, SD SDI or ASI outputs

• 1 x RGB or YPrPb analog video output

• 1 x ASI input

• 2 x balanced analog audio outputs

• 2 x balanced digital audio outputs

• 4 x unbalanced digital audio outputs

• Frame synchronization input

• RS-232 data output

• RS232/485 Control port

• Alarm relay

• BISS Mode 1 & E support

• Extensive VBI support

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