ERICSSON SM6620 Satellite IF Modulator DVBS-2

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The rise in the number of satellite transmissions continues to grow swiftly. There is the demand for a reliable, high-quality satellite modulator that incorporates a feature-set that caters to this growing demand. The SM6620 fulfills that requirement perfectly. The Ericsson SM6620 is a feature-rich, compact, IF output satellite modulator. The high quality IF output ensures that top quality transmissions can be achieved for all applications from DSNG to a fixed location, high data-rate services.

ERICSSON SM6620 Satellite IF Modulator options  (SM66XX/SWO/HOM, (SM66XX/SWO/HS, SM66XX/SWO/S2, SM66XX/SWO/S2-8PSK) IF out

Technical Details


Transport Stream Inputs

2x DVB ASI Copper

Rear panel connector: BNC (F), 75 Ohm

+2x DVB ASI Copper (option)

Rear panel connector: BNC (F), 75 Ohm

+1x DVB SPI (option)

Rear panel connector: 25-way, D-type (F)

Transport Stream Data Specification ASI Data Rate

213 Mbps maximum

ASI Format

Byte and single packet burst mode

Packet Size

188-byte, 204-byte, unframed SPI

Data Rate

108 Mbps maximum

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