Ericsson RX9500 Bulk Descrambler with 6 RX9500/HWO/SAT/S2/CI cards

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  • Brand: Ericsson
  • Model Number: RX9500
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Ericsson’s RX9500 Bulk Descrambler provides Cable, IPTV, and other Direct Home operators with the capability to efficiently turn around encrypted and free-to-air content from satellite platforms. The RX9500 allows operators to demodulate and descramble 10s or 100s of services from multiple satellite transponders within a high-density, low rack unit occupancy solution. The RX9500 forms part of Ericsson’s Multi-Platform Headend Solution, interfacing seamlessly with Ericsson’s encoders and transcoders.

The RX9500 Bulk Descrambler is simple to set up and configure offering the benefit of single management, control and monitoring solution for the complete turn-around system through Ericsson’s encompass Control platform.

Ericsson RX9500 Bulk Descrambler with 6 RX9500/HWO/SAT/S2/CI cards

Technical Details

RX9500 – Bulk Descrambler Chassis

(RX9500/BAS/CI/1AC, FAZ 101 0276/15)

Base Chassis Functionality Includes:

  •  6x slot, single PSU chassis
  •  Common Interface CA bulk descrambling
  •  2x Ethernet control ports
  •  2x GigE Ethernet IP Transport Stream outputs
  •  Web browser control and SNMP monitoring
  •  Integration with encompass Control

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