Ericsson DSNG Voyager E5714 with L-band video encoder

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Ericsson’s E5714 Voyager DSNG encoder is an advanced, high-quality MPEG-2 encoder with an integrated L-band modulator option to help DSNG AND UPLINK PROVIDERS requirements while retaining exceptional video processing capabilities. The E5714 is highly versatile and compact (1RU), providing an ideal solution for space-constrained trucks and for deployment in a variety of outside broadcast applications, from low data rate fly-aways to high bandwidth multi-channel SNG trucks. Ericsson provides a choice of modulator options, allowing the E5714 to be applied to DSNG applications that interface at either L-band outputs. 

The MPEG-2 encoder’s superb performance is based on Ericsson’s award-winning compression platform. The E5714 offers an optional 4:2:2 capability, making it ideal for fast-action sports as well as low bit-rate news gathering operations, with stunning video quality at less than 3 Mbps. The E5714 Voyager is a smart choice for broadcasters seeking increased efficiencies in operations and cost to stay competitive while delivering outstanding picture quality to customers.

Ericsson DSNG Voyager E5714 with L-band video encoder 

Technical Details
  • E5714 IF output (M2/VOY/E5714-IF) 
  • E5714 L-band output (M2/VOY/E5714-LBAND)  

With optional 4:2:2, RAS/BISS, and two stereo audio pairs as standard with the ability to handle pass-through encoding of Dolby® Digital 5.1, Dolby®E, and DTS, the DSNG  credentials of the E5714 are excellent. Built on top of this are even more advanced features such as the ability to remotely control an HPA from the web interface or front panel. 

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