Sennheiser Antenna Splitter ASA 1

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Sennheiser ASA 214-UHF Active Antenna Splitter with DC Power Distribution and NT 1-1 Power Supply

The ASA 1 active antenna splitter has been designed to enable routing of UHF antenna signals to several receivers in a multi- channel system. Up to four diversity receivers may be supplied with signal by only two antennas. The integral RF amplifiers ensure that the ASA 1 does not introduce any additional UHF signal loss.

The ASA 1 incorporates DC distribution to enable simultaneous powering of up to four receivers and two antenna boosters via its BNC sockets. The antenna boosters may be required in order to compensate for cable losses due to long antenna cables. A single NT 1-1 mains unit (to be ordered separately) is required to power the ASA 1, the connected receivers and antenna boosters.

By linking two ASA 1, an 8-channel diversity system can be operated with only two antennas.

Using the GA 3 rack adapter, two ASA 1 or one ASA 1 and one stationary receiver (e.g. EM 100 G3, EM 300 G3 or EM 500 G3) can be mounted into a 19” rack.

The ASA 1 is suitable for the following areas of application:

• Multi-channel RF installations

• Permanent installations in small conference centres and similar venues 

Technical Details

ASA 1 antenna splitter

Antenna cable

Frequency range

Amplification In A – Out A Amplification In A – Out A1 ... A4 Amplification In B – Out B1 ... B4 Impedance

Operating voltage

Total current consumption

Supply voltage of antenna boosters at ANT RF IN A and ANT RF IN B

Supply voltage of receivers at A1 ... A4

Relative humidity

Operating temperature range Storage temperature range Dimensions of housing Weight

Type approvals

In compliance with

Approved by

2 x 1:4 or 1 x 1:8, active 8 items, 50 cm, BNC

500 to 870 MHz at –3 dB 0 ± 1 dB

0 ± 1 dB

0 ± 1 dB

50 Ω

13.8 V DC (with NT 1-1 mains unit)

max. 2.0 A with 4 receivers and 2 antenna boosters

12 V, 130 mA

12 V (protected from reverse feed), 350 mA 5 to 95%

–10°C to +55°C

–20°C to +70°C

approx. 212 x 168 x 43 mm approx. 1090 g

                  EMC Radio Safety

47 CFR 15 Industry Canada

EN 301489-1/-9 EN 300422-1/-2 EN 60065

subpart B

RSS 210, IC: 2099A-G3 EM 100


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