Elation Lighting DR 512 DMX Recorder Rack Mount

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  • Brand: Elation Lighting
  • Model Number: DR-512
  • Product Code: BS19067
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DR-512 is a professional DMX recorder with many useful functions. This unit can translate standard DMX512 signals into recorded data, and send them out at any convenient moment. These signals can be recorded to both the internal memory storage and/or a external CF card. For internal memory storage, there are six sequences available: sequences I01~I04, STARTUP, and SHUTDOWN. And for the CF card, there are 33 different sequences (E01-E33) available. This product also offers SMPTE trigger function. There are 6 different usable modes: MANUAL, AUTOSTART, DMX MON, DMX TRIGGER, PROGRAM, and SETUP.

Elation Lighting DR 512 DMX Recorder Rack Mount

Technical Details
  • Professional DMX recorder, access to internal memory and CF card.
  •  4 sequences (I01-I04) + Startup + Shutdown, available for memory.
  •  33 sequences (E01-E33) available for CF card use.
  •  Capable of PLAY, PAUSE, and STOP functions.
  •  Manual / Autostart / DMX monitor / DMX trigger / Program / Setup mode.
  •  24 / 25 / 30 frames SMPTE signal available.
  •  32 MB CF card is recommended.
  •  DMX 3Pin input/output, SMPTE 3Pinput/output, 9Pin connector.
  •  Line remote control recalls PLAY, STOP and RECORD functions
  • .  2_16 characters LCD screen.

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