Pixelmetrix DVStor DVStor2 Recording Playout Archive

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  • Brand: Pixelmetrix
  • Model Number: DVStor2
  • Product Code: BS19643
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 Pixelmetrix DVStor DVStor2 Recording, Playout & Archive

DVStoris a self-contained transport stream recording and playout solution. It archives transport stream data complete with all services, SI/PSIP tables and any private metadata – making faithful on-demand reproduction possible.

 Pixelmetrix DVStor can be integrated with your workflow with on-demand, automatically triggered and scheduled action capability. All operations are preconfigured for a quick start-up, but completely configurable to help you extract the best performance.

Transport stream data can be recorded either in full, or as a selected subset of content. Inputs to the DVStor2 can be either over a Gigabit Ethernet interface or an optional ASI input.

DVStor2 can play out a custom playlist of content recorded off the input or evergreen material uploaded from your asset store. The content in the DVStor2 can be played out over IP or the optional ASI output.

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