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DTL Broadcast

Brand: DTL Broadcast Model: 5AV2628
A precision clamped equalising analogue video distribution amplifier that, with its associated rear connector unit, provides six outputs and a differential looping input. DTL Broadcast 5AV2628 CEDA clamped equalising video distribution amplifier 5AV2628 CEDA clamped equalising video ..
Brand: DTL Broadcast Model: 5AV2645
The RK-2U is a versatile equipment rack designed to mount to any flat surface or to sit on a shelf. The rack holds standard 19" rack mounted equipment 2RU in height. Threads for either US #10-32 or metric M5 rackscrews are provided. The RK-2U is ideal for mounting RDL racking accessories and modules..
Brand: DTL Broadcast Model: 5AV2645
DTL Broadcast 5AV2645 2U 19" rack mounting frame with 3 5AV2628 VDAThe 2600 range comprises modular analog audio and video equipment in a 1U or 2U format with each module independently powered. Designed to the highest specifications and meeting all relevant international standards, modules can be u..
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