DTL Broadcast 5AV2645 2U 19" rack mounting frame with 3 5AV2628 VDA

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  • Model Number: 5AV2645
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DTL Broadcast 5AV2645 2U 19" rack mounting frame with 3 5AV2628 VDA

The 2600 range comprises modular analog audio and video equipment in a 1U or 2U format with each module independently powered. Designed to the highest specifications and meeting all relevant international standards, modules can be used individually or mixed with others in the range to increase the functionality.

Up to 9 modules can be housed in the 5AV2645 2U rack-mounting frame, up to 4 in the 5AV2641 1U frame and up to 2 in the 5AV2642 portable case (& 5AV2642X portable case with XLRs).

Technical Details
  • Front panel gain& equalisation control (by frequency dependant on sub-module fitted).
  • New input presence LED.
  • Choice of plug in equalisation sub-modules to cater for most cable types and lengths (including new 800 metre version).
  • Inherently high CMRR that effectively eliminates common mode hum pick-up on lines.
  • With its associated 5AV2647 rear connector unit, provides differential looping input with six matched 75Ω outputs.
  • All 2600 modules are independently mains powered maximising reliability & isolation between modules

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