Drake Easicom II PD1300

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The Drake Easicom II PD1300 is a Communications System using a central switching matrix for routing calls between outstations connected in a star format. The central switching matrix uses a controller for control and configuration purposes and an analog switching element allowing multiple routes to be made simultaneously.

Analogue audio, DCC inputs and outputs, are also provided as part of the EASi-COM II system. A range of Control Panels is available providing a suitable user interface for making and receiving calls over the system. These panels feature push buttons configured to operate specific routes or activate control functions. The key actions are sent as digital data using a serial link to the central matrix for interpretation by the controller and information is returned to the control panel by the same method. Audio and data are connected via standard multi-core twisted pair wiring. A call is initiated on a control panel by pressing one of the Direct Access Keys (DAK).

This activates crosspoints, located in the Matrix, which make the audio route (or routes) to the desired destination(s). Routing can be one-way (e.g. talk only) or two-way (talk and listen simultaneously) and several callers can speak to the same destination at the same time. Destinations and sources may be beltpacks, IFBs, 2-wire or 4-wire circuits, or other panels, individually or grouped. A camera conference facility is also available, configured via the Matrix DIL switches, which allows people to communicate in a conference mode. This is similar in operation to the Conference Ring (Party Line) facilities available in older, more conventional systems.

Drake Easicom II PD1300

Technical Details

• 16 pushbutton Direct Access Keys

• Programmable pushbuttons for talk, listen, and talk + listen functions

• Loudspeaker output jack

• Separate audio inputs and level controls for Main Intercom and Production Talkback/Programme

• DC powered from the Matrix or an external power supply

• Audio and control interface options

• Full signalisation of send and receive routes

• Plug-in microphone or headset operation

• Microphone gain, headset gain and side-tone adjustment at rear

• Headset connector with pushbutton select

• Designation strip for key identification

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