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Brand: DOLBY
DOLBY DP572 E Decoder Dolby E Decoder is designed to ease the transition by DTV broadcasters and program producers from two-channel to multichannel audio. The DP572 decodes up to eight channels of high-quality audio, plus Dolby Digital metadata, from a Dolby signal encoded on a single AES3 p..
Brand: DOLBY Model: Dp579
The DP579 Dolby E Tri-Level Sync Interface allows high-quality Dolby E multi channel audio and metadata to be stored on 24-frame systems using existing DP571 and DP572 Dolby encoders and decoders. Applications include postproduction for DTV, electronic cinema, telecine, and archiving. The DOLBY DP5..
Brand: DOLBY Model: DP600
The Dolby® Program Optimizer DP600 includes the world's first intelligent audio analysis and automated loudness normalization engine. It has the ability to encode, decode, convert, and transcode Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus™, and Dolby E.The Dolby DP600 also features a unique algorithm for upmi..
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