DOLBY DP579 Dolby E Tri-Level Sync Interface

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The DP579 Dolby E Tri-Level Sync Interface allows high-quality Dolby E multi channel audio and metadata to be stored on 24-frame systems using existing DP571 and DP572 Dolby encoders and decoders. Applications include postproduction for DTV, electronic cinema, telecine, and archiving.

The DOLBY DP579 converts tri-level video sync into DolbyBlack, a video reference signal specifically for use with existing Dolby equipment. The DP579 enables pair of Dolby E codecs (DP571 Dolby E Encoder/DP572 Dolby E Decoder) to operate at23.98, 24, and 30 fps from a tri-level reference, in addition to 25 and 29.97fps. The DP579 also accept str aditional NTSC and PAL reference signal sand passes them through unchanged.

Its convenient half-rack width allows a single DP579 to be installed alongside (or behind) existing DP571 and DP572 units. For standard rack mounting, the DolbyCat. No. 546 rack mount kit (shown with the DP579 above) is available and will accommodate either one or two units.

Technical Details

Video Reference Input

BNC female connectors with loop-through,



external 75Ω termination required

Dolby Black Outputs

Two BNC female connectors,

per SMPTE RP 154, SMPTE 318

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