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DOLBY DP572 E Decoder Dolby E Decoder is designed to ease the transition by DTV broadcasters and program producers from two-channel to multichannel audio. The DP572 decodes up to eight channels of high-quality audio, plus Dolby Digital metadata, from a Dolby signal encoded on a single AES3 pair, external fiber, satellite link, digital videotape, digital audio tape, or from a video server. Itis easily integrated into postproduction and broadcast facilities. The DOLBY DP572 E Decoder can accept both PCM and DolbyEsignalsand can switch automatically to provide seamless integration of multichannel and archived stereo programming.

Technical Details

Display and Controls

Two-line, 16-character LCD with control keys for status indication and setup operations

Status LEDs

Indicate output channel activity, video reference, Dolby program configuration, main input, PCM delay, input data (bit depth), fault, and error

RS-232 Serial Remote Port

8-pin female mini-DIN connector for remote control and software upgrades

Headphone Output

6.35 mm (1/4-inch) standard stereo headphone jack for confidence monitoring