DOD SR231QX Dual Channel 31-Band Graphic Equalizer with Balanced XLR

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  • Brand: DOD
  • Model Number: SR231QX
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The DOD SR231QX is a powerful 2 rack space stereo/dual mono 31-band graphic equalizer of uncompromising quality, performance, and features. It allows the user to see a graphic representation of equalization applied to the audio spectrum of a sound source, and offers the flexibility to provide solutions to many EQ problems.

The SR231Q offers up to 12 dB of cut or boost per band, and switchable low cut filters for each channel. Electronic filter switching minimizes transients (loud pops or clicks when the switch is depressed), and up to ±12 dB of level control is available to compensate for gain changes due to equalization boost or cut. Constant Q constant bandwidth from each filter throughout the full audio spectrum.

The SR231Q can be used as a stereo equalizer or as two independent channels of equalization, providing maximum flexibility for all sound systems. Connections to the DOD SR231QX may be either impedance balanced (1/4" tip-ring-sleeve phone plug) or unbalanced (mono 1/4" phone plug) with XLR connectors available as a factory option.

Technical Details

Low Cut Filter:                                   12 dB/octave rolloff, 3 dB down @ 50 Hz, witchable in or out.

Frequency Response:                    20 Hz-20 kHz, ±0/-0.5 dB.

Frequency Center Tolerance:            5%.

Slider Control Range:                      12 dB cut/boost.

Input Impedance:                           40kΩ balanced, 20kΩ unbalanced.

Maximum Input Level:                     +21 dBu.

Output Impedance:                         102Ω balanced, 51Ω unbalanced.

Maximum Output Level:                 +21 dBu.

Input Gain Control:                          ±12 dB.

Harmonic Distortion                        0.004% at 1 kHz typical.

Signal-To-Noise Ratio:                      Greater than 90 dB.

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