Digigram VX222 V2 Multichannel Sound Card

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VX222v2 is an audio card for PCI bus. It is ‘Universal PCI 32-bit/33 MHz’ which means it can be plugged in 5 V PCI slots as well as in 3.3 V keyed PCI

slots. The cards are also compatible with PCI-X interfaces.


Main hardware features

• 2 balanced analog mono line inputs

Maximum input level selectable by means of the jumper on the card:

+22 dBu (jumper ON)

+10 dBu (jumper OFF)

• 2 servo-balanced∗

 analog mono line outputs, with software

programmable analog and digital gain

Maximum output level: +22 dBu

• 1 digital AES/EBU∗∗stereo input

The selection of the digital input for recording excludes the selection of

the analog inputs.


It is possible to use the signal on the digital input as reference sampling

clock for recording / playback on the analog I/Os.

• 1 digital AES/EBU∗∗ stereo output

Always plays the digital version of the analog outputs 1 and 2.

• 1 mini jack headphone stereo output

This output is in parallel of the analog outputs 1 and 2.

• 2 general purpose inputs and 2 outputs (GPIO).

• Inter-card synchronization connector.

If this connector is not used, synchro switches must be ON.

If it is used, one of the connected cards must have the synchro switches

ON, all the other linked cards must have the switches OFF.

Technical Details



Bus/Format PCI slave mode

Size 175 mm × 99 mm

Digital Signal Processor 56303 at 100 MHz

Power requirements

(+3.3 V / +5 V / +12 V / –12V) 0.5A / 0.1A / 0.2A / 0.1A

Operating: temp / humidity (noncondensing)

0°C/+50°C • 5%/90%

Storage: temp/humidity


-5°C/+70°C • 0%/95%



Analog line inputs (mono) 2 balanced∗

Maximum input/impedance +22 dBu / >10kΩ (jumper ON)

+10 dBu / >10kΩ (jumper OFF)

Programmable input gain digital

Digital inputs (stereo) 1 AES/EBU∗∗

Other inputs 2 GPI (dry contact)

Analog line outputs (mono) 2 servo-balanced∗∗∗

Maximum output/impedance +22 dBu/low impedance

Programmable output gain digital and analog

Digital outputs (stereo) 1 AES/EBU∗∗

Other outputs headphone (600 Ω),

two GPO (relay, 0.5A, 48 VCC)

Access to main status bits

of digital frame


AES11 synchronization Yes

Connectors 15-pin SUB-D for analog I/O,

15-pin HD SUB-D for digital I/O,

and GPIO;

headphone jack (female TRS 3,5 mm)


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