DigiDesign SYNC I/O Robust Versatile Synchronization Device

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  • Model Number: SYNC
  • Product Code: BS17750
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The Digidesign SYNC I/O, a multipurpose synchronization peripheral for Pro Tools systems. The SYNC I/O supports all Pro Tools sample rates, and synchronizes to all major time code and clock reference standards used in audio, video, film, and multimedia production.

SYNC I/O can also be used as a stand-alone synchronization device

. SYNC I/O with Pro Tools

Pro Tools|HD With Pro Tools|HD, SYNC I/O provides highly accurate lock to time code. Most SYNC I/O settings are available directly from within Pro Tools

. Pro Tools|24 MIX With Pro Tools|24 MIX, SYNC I/O supports all features of the Digidesign USD (Universal Slave Driver), and emulates a USD on-screen in Pro Tools. 

Technical Details

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