Digidesign DIGI PRE 8 channel microphone pre-amp

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Tthe Digidesign® PRE™ multi-purpose microphone preamplifier for Pro Tools® systems. PRE is designed especially for use with Pro Tools systems, but it can also be used as a stand-alone microphone preamplifier. When used with Pro Tools, most PRE features can be controlled from within the Pro Tools application. With or without remote control, PRE can be configured manually using its front panel switches and displays. PRE can also be remotely-controlled by other MIDI devices through standard MIDI controller data. See Appendix C, “MIDI Controller Numbers.”
Technical Details

• Eight high-performance, discrete matched

transistor hybrid microphone preamplification circuits

• Remote control with qualified Pro Tools TDM

systems and Digidesign control surfaces (such

as D-Control®, D-Command®, C|24™, Command|8®, Control|24™, and ProControl™)

• Industry-standard DB-25 output connectors

for easy connection to Pro Tools audio interfaces or any other recording or mixing medium

• Each channel features: • Support for microphone (XLR), line level inputs (1/4-inch), or direct instrument (1/4-inch) • Selectable impedance settings for Mic input • Input gain variable from 0 dB to +69 dB, in approximately 3 dB steps, with an optional –18 dB pad • +48V power for condenser microphones • Balanced Insert points (Send and Return), for easy integration of outboard gear (such as compressors or EQs) • Phase invert • 85 Hz High-Pass Filter • Up to nine PREs supported through software for up to 72 channels of remote-controlled preamplification • All features available in Stand-alone mode


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