Digidesign D-Command 8-fader main unit 9100-12900-00

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  • Brand: Digidesign
  • Model Number: D-Command main
  • Product Code: BS19055
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Digidesign D-Command  8-fader main unit 9100-12900-00

D-Command provides controls for Pro Tools recording, editing and mixing tasks, and a versatile remote-controlled audio monitoring system.

Technical Details
  • Touch-sensitive, motorized 100mm faders
  • Touch-sensitive, multi-purpose rotary controls
  • Dedicated controls for assignment and activation of inputs, outputs, inserts and sends
  • Flexible display of pan, insert, send, plug-in and mic pre controls
  • Dedicated EQ and dynamics plug-in control sections
  • Dedicated controls for all channel strip functions including recording and input monitoring modes, mute, solo, and channel select
  • Dedicated controls for automation mode, enable and safe status
  • Flip Mode for transfer of parameters from rotary controls to faders
  • Custom Fader Mode for flexible channel and parameter mapping
  • Full transport and navigation controls, including location commands and scrub/shuttle capability

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