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Brand: Digico Model: 14685-4
The Digico 14685-4 AES/EBU Input/Output card is a professional audio interface designed for use with Digico digital audio mixing consoles. It offers both AES/EBU digital audio input and output capabilities, allowing seamless integration of digital audio signals into the mixing console environmen..
Digico Digirack X-Digirack2-S Digico Digirack X-Digirack2-S
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Brand: Digico Model: G14685-B
The DiGiCo G14685-B AES/EBU Input/Output Card is a specialized audio interface designed for DiGiCo digital mixing consoles and audio processing equipment. This card provides AES/EBU connectivity, which is a common digital audio format used for transmitting high-quality audio signals in professio..
Brand: Digico Model: G14745-B
The DiGiCo G14745-B Control Card is a specialized interface card designed for integration with DiGiCo digital mixing consoles and related audio equipment, specifically the Digirack series. This control card serves as a crucial component that facilitates communication and control between the mixin..
Brand: Digico Model: G14748-B
The DiGiCo G14748-B Power Supply is a specialized component designed to provide reliable and stable electrical power to DiGiCo Digirack audio equipment. As a crucial element in the audio setup, this power supply ensures that the connected Digirack devices receive the necessary power to function ..
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