DEV Systemtechnik DEV2180 L-Band Distribution System with Option 33 54 4 inputs 22 outputs 4x22

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  • Brand: DEV Systemtechnik
  • Model Number: DEV 2180
  • Product Code: BS20051
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The DEV 2180 L-Band distribution system is extremely flexible to be equipped. Two types of amplifier modules are used for the different applications; all modules provide a monitoring port, bias feeding, and RF Sensing for monitoring the input signal.

It is possible to install up to 12 amplifier modules at the front side of the instrument, which feeds the splitters and/or matrix switches located at the rear side of the chassis.

Technical Details


  • Versatile 4 RU Chassis which can be equipped individually
  • Various L-Band Distribution Amplifier (DA) Options and Matrix Switch Options are available
  • Inputs and Outputs are available in 50 Ohm (DA Options) and 75 Ohm (DA Options and Matrix Switch Options)
  • LNB Bias Feeding, Monitoring Output and RF Sensing for each Amplifier Module
  • Bias Current Monitoring Option with Alarm Function
  • Redundant AC or DC Power Supplies with Status Alarm Output

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