DEV Systemtechnik DEV 2262 L-Band Splitter 1:8 75Ohm passive

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  • Brand: DEV Systemtechnik
  • Model Number: DEV 2262/75
  • Product Code: BS20048
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DEV Systemtechnik DEV 2262 L-Band Splitter 1:8 75Ohm passive

The DEV 2161, the DEV 2162, and the DEV 2165 are active splitters for the frequency range 500…2300 MHz. Each product is equipped with a single splitter unit with either 4 output ports (DEV 2161), or 8 output ports (DEV 2162), or 16 output ports (DEV 2165). Optionally, the DEV 2165 can be ordered with one additional splitter unit; the DEV 2161 and the DEV 2162 can be ordered with up to three additional splitter units. Compared with DEV standard products, the Core Function Products provide the same superior RF transmission quality without certain features such as integrated redundant power supplies, monitoring ports, RF sensing, and other alarm functionality.

Technical Details


  • Frequency range 500…2300 MHz
  • Compact 1 RU chassis with up to two or four splitter units
  • Each splitter unit with on/off switchable LNB power

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