DENON Portable Audio Recorder DN-F20R

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The DENON DN-F20R portable IC recorder uses IC memory cards as the recording medium, doing away with cumbersome mechanisms and enhancing reliability. Two card slots provide recording flexibility. Recordings on the DN-F20R are created as sound files in MPEG format, the international standard, which can be ported to a PC for editing and manipulation.

Includes the DN-F20R, clear soft case and shoulder strap. Highlights Use of an IC memory card 2 slots for CompactFlash cards Use of the MPEG international standard Linear PCM recording is also supported Compact, easy-to-carry A5 size Features Use of an IC memory card as the recording medium does away with moving parts and ensures high reliability. The IC memory card complies with the international standards for the CompactFlash card and supports large memory capacity of 192 MB. DN-F20R has 2 slots for CompactFlash cards.

Use of the MPEG international standard enables high compression and high sound quality. Linear PCM recording is also supported. (WAVE file recording) XLR terminals are used for L+R mic inputs. Compact, easy-to-carry A5 size even with XLR terminals. Since the memory card is 16 bit FAT formatted, it can be read and written to by a PC system2, 3. Sound quality can be selected (in recording bit rate) to suit the application, enabling efficient use of the card. Uses 6 AA batteries, easily purchased while on the road. A wired remote control jack.

Technical Details

Memory cards used Compact Flash Memory Card (CF Card)/Type 1 (t = 3.3mm)

Audio recording formats ISO/IEC 11172-3 MPEG1 layer 2 (fs = 48 kHz, 64, 128 kbps/ch)

ISO/IEC 13813-3 MPEG2 layer 2 (fs = 24 kHz, 16~64 kbps/ch)

Linear (no compression)

Quantization bits 16 bits

Sampling frequencies 48 kHz/24 kHz

Distortion Below 0.1% (1 kHz, 0dB sine wave playback, using LPF)

S/N ratio 80 dB or more (using LPF and IHF-A filter)

Channel separation 70 dB or more (stereo, 1 kHz, 0dB sine wave playback, using LPF)

Frequency response 20 to 20 kHz : 0 ±3 dB (fs = 48 kHz)

20 to 10 kHz : 0 ±3 dB (fs = 24 kHz)

Inputs Microphone input : -68 dBm (0.3 mV)

Line input : -13 dBm (180 mV)

Outputs Line output : 1.4 Vrms (10 kΩ/ohms : 1 kHz, 0 dB)

Headphones output : 1.0 Vrms (33 Ω/ohms : 1 kHz, -6 dB)

Continuous recording time Approx. 4 hours (using alkaline batteries, normal recording with one CF card)

External dimensions 210 mm (width) x 45 mm (height) x 161 mm (depth)

(8-17/64” x 1-49/64” x 6-11/32”)

Mass 800 g (main unit only) (not including IC memory cards or batteries)

(1 lbs 12 oz)

Power supply Batteries : LR6 (AA size) alkaline battery x 6

AC adaptor (AA-24) : Input AC 120V, 60 Hz (North America model)

Input AC 230V, 50 Hz (Europe and Asia model)

Input AC 240V, 50Hz (U.K. model)

Current consumption DC 7V 400 mA : During recording (back light off) with AC adaptor AA-24

Environmental conditions Surrounding temperature during operation : 5 to 35°C

Surrounding humidity during operation : 40 to 80% (no condensation)

Surrounding temperature during storage : -20 to 60°C

Surrounding humidity during operation : 20 to 90% (no condensation)

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