Denon DN-951FA Compact Disc Cartridge Player with ACD-5B Cartridge

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  • Model Number: DN-951FA
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Denon DN-951FA Compact Disc Cartridge Player with ACD-5B Cartridge

The Denon DN-951FA is a true professional grade construction with a full complement of user features. Identical in most respects except for the tray-loading system, these two models serve as the workhorse CD players in thousands of radio stations and other professional audio installations around the world. The DN-951FA CD is the cart version, offering top reliability when the CD media is subject to rough handling (for example, in the DJ booth, control room, and similar environments).

Housed in a secure cart, the CD media is protected from inadvertent damage, especially surface scratches. The DN-961FA is the tray-loading version, featuring quick load/unload just like a conventional CD player, and is the ideal choice when the CD media isn’t subject to abusive handling.

Technical Details

1.       Instant Start

Startup time is .01 second or less. A delay start of .1, .2, or .3 second is available via user preset. Startup via track flag or program material beginning is possible.

2.       Auto Cue

The pickup is cued to the position within the track where the sound starts and enters standby mode. The sound detection level can be set within a range of -36 to -72 dB.

3.       Back Cue

When the standby (STDBY/CUE) button is pressed during playback, the standby mode is set with the pickup at the position where playback was last started.

4.       End Monitor

When the end monitor (END MON) button is pressed in the standby mode, the end of the track is searched for and the track’s ending can be monitored. After monitoring, the standby mode is set and the pickup is set at the play start position. End monitor start position can be user-set within a range of 5 to 35 seconds from the end of the track.

5.       Track Search

A pulse encoder-type rotary selector is used for the track search operation. The tracks can also be selected in units of 10 by pressing the selector while turning it.

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