Dell 71PXP 8 Port Rackmount Kvm Server Switch

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Dell 71PXP 8 Port Rackmount Kvm Server Switch

We're running an environment of mostly Dell server hardware here and have successfully daisy-chained two of these units to support our needs with one keyboard/monitor/trackball station for the two racks. After adding a new rack, we purchased a third KVM (same model) intending to chain it on as well, but are running into a problem.

I've configured the port it is connected to on the KVM as an 8-port switch, but when I attempt to switch over to the units on the third switch it does not show any connected devices. Those devices definitely are connected and powered up. We have tried three different cable sets (thought perhaps we got a defective one running between switch 3 and switch 1, but to no avail.)

Does anybody know if:

1) There are specific ports you can and cannot use for connecting other KVMs and 2) Where I can get a copy of the service guide for this piece of junk? We're this close to boxing all three up and sending them back to dell in favor of a better documented device.

Technical Details

Switch 1 -- 6 Servers, two KVMs connected
Switch 2 -- 8 Servers
Switch 3 -- 3 servers
Switch 3 is the one that we can't control any machines on.

Switch 1, where our KVMs all merge, is set up thusly:

Ports 1-3 -- Servers
Port 4 -- Switch 3 (Can't see)
Ports 5-7 -- Servers
Port 8 -- Switch 2 (Can see)

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